Aerodaks Men’s Sports Briefs Review

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This review is for the men, or for women/men looking to buy their man that extra piece of running gear that has been missing from his running attire. Just think for a second about what you have for running gear, and then think about what briefs you wear while you run. For most people I would think this answer isn’t underwear designed for runners. Thats where Aerodaks comes in.

Discrete view of the briefs pre-run

The Aerodaks men’s sports briefs are running underwear designed by runners for runners. When I heard about these I was immediately intrigued as you just don’t find many companies designing men’s running underwear. You also don’t find many clothing companies that solely concentrated on one item like Aerodaks does on briefs. The company is based out of Australia and provides free shipping. Having a company from ‘the down under’ design briefs for ‘the down under’ only seemed fitting!

Here are the specs from their website:

Fabric composition (Nylon for strength, Lycra for elasticity):

  • Bi-elastic
  • Breathable
  • Natural moisture wicking
  • Great fit and comfort
  • Quick Drying
  • Durable and hardwearing


  • No side seams
  • Adjustable draw string on the outside
  • Long lasting woven waistband elastic
  • Double mesh layer to support vital parts

I tested these sports briefs underneath my running tights while running outside and while running on the treadmill. These runs ranged from easy effort runs to an all out max effort 15 minute at 12% incline on my treadmill. Based on my initial impressions of the product, and my test runs, here are my thoughts:

The Pros:

  • The men’s sports briefs are discretely packaged for shipping, which includes care instructions on the packaging. After initially receiving the sports briefs I discarded the packaging, but I do think that you could reuse this package for discrete transportation of these briefs to the gym or on a trip.
  •   The fit is great! There is a size chart on their website which helps make sure you are selecting the correct size. There is also a draw string you can use for any additional adjustments needed for a comfortable fit.
  • They took no time at all to adjust to. I typically run with shorts that have a built in liner in them, so I am used to the feel of running in briefs. The Aerodaks by far have more support than the built in liners since I was able to select an actual size when ordering the Aerodaks (size 32) instead of a general size that I get when buying running shorts (size medium). This extra support was noticeable when I put them on for the first time, but in no way did it affect my workout once I started running. This included my max effort run. There was no time during that run that I had to think about the briefs I had on or how they were holding up…which is exactly what I want in running briefs!
  • The Aerodaks sports briefs are breathable and meant to keep you dry. If you think about running and how almost all running gear is meant to either keep moisture off of your body or to be breathable, why wouldn’t you want the same qualities out of running briefs. Aerodaks hit a home run here by having both of these qualities in their sports briefs!

The Cons:

  • In all reality, the only con I have found about the Aerodaks is that all of my running shorts I own already have running underwear built into them which makes the Aerodaks a bit of overkill when wearing those shorts. On the other hand, none of my running tights have built in underwear, and winter is just starting here in Minnesota, so I will be wearing running tights, and my Aerodaks, all the time!

Overall it was very hard to come up with anything I didn’t like about the Aerodaks Men’s Sports Briefs. The Aerodaks have become my go-to briefs for pairing with my running tights…nothing compares to the comfort, feel, fit, and breathability of these briefs!!

If you are looking for additional perspectives on the Aerodaks, please check out the reviews done by my fellow BibRave Bros, I mean Pros (ChrisFrank, Bradley, and Jeremy).

In addition to the Aerodaks website, you can also follow them on social media at:
Twitter: @AERODAKS
Facebook: AERODAKS
Instagram: aerodaks

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