Orange Mud – Phone. Flask. Vest. (P.F.V.) Review

Disclaimer: I received the Orange Mud Phone. Flask. Vest. (P.F.V.) to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Orange Mud, a genius when it comes to ways to carry water bottles, gels, flasks, phones, bladders, jackets, and may other running related products, has done it again with their new Phone. Flask. Vest (P.F.V.) hydration pack!  This product is built for running, biking, or obstacle course racing. Being that I am an active runner, how could I resist the chance to test this product.

The P.F.V. is a hydration vest that has a chest pocket for a water flask, a chest pocket for a cell phone, a chest pocket for a house or car key, a shoulder pocket for gels, a back pocket for energy bars or nutrition sticks, and a back shock cord to secure an extra shirt or jacket.

Over the last month I have wore the P.F.V. on multiple runs ranging from 3 – 6 miles, with the longest run I wore this on being a 4th of July 10k race. Every time I wore the P.F.V. I synched the side straps tight, knowing from using other Orange Mud products that this was the best way to minimize movement while running. I also filled the flask with water and carried my phone each time I used the P.F.V. since I felt that for most runners these would be the two necessities that they would be running with. I have the normal iPhone 7 which fit perfectly in the phone slot. Both the flask and phone slots on the P.F.V. have a draw string opening to aid in the security, and little movement, of these items.


  • Small footprint but many pockets
    • I like that this isn’t a bulky pack, but still manages to carry everything I need. I am always looking for ways to carry my phone when I run, and I have found that a hydration pack makes for a good spot to hold this.
  • Great for shorter distances with the 450ml flask
    • I would say that the size of the flask is similar to some of the larger handheld bottles in size. If anyone has used a handheld water bottle, then you know that it wont last for a 10 – 20 mile run. This hydration pack is the same way. Its great for shorter distances without the need to be carrying something in your hand!
  • Quality
    • Orange Mud makes good high quality products that last, plain and simple!!

Things that took some getting used to:

  • Extra weight on my chest
    • I had never run with anything on my chest before. The added weight from the water and phone on my chest took a bit of getting used to. I would compare it to having never used a hydration backpack and having to get used to having something on your back while running. Once you get the hang of it, you forget its there. This was what happened for me. The first time I used it I think it took about 1 to 1.5 miles before I had everything adjusted the way I wanted it and forgot I was wearing it.
  • Putting on and taking off the P.F.V.
    • This pack has one side strap that has a clip on one end. The other side strap on the other side is just adjustable in size (it does not have a clip). To put this on you have to unclip the one side and then slide your head and arm through the other side. Once you have your head and arm through, you then take the clip side and clip that strap in place. From there you synch both sides evenly, and somewhat snug to minimize movement while running. To me it seems a bit awkward to have to slip your head and arm through one side strap. This is more apparent when taking the pack off when you are all hot and sweaty. To their benefit, the adjustable side strap gets pretty loose making it easy to get on, but it just seems like it would have been just as functional with both sides having clips.
  • The price point of the P.F.V. is a bit steep at $99.95, but falls in line with where other products in the Orange Mud Hydration lineup sit. Factoring in the quality of the material of this product, and the many necessities that this product can carry, its well worth the money (water, phone, key, jacket/shirt, gels, sun screen, lip balm…basically any running accessory that you would want to carry, I bet it would fit in this vest).

If you want some alternative perspectives/reviews on the P.F.V., including perspectives from female runners testing this product, then check out what my fellow BibRave Pros have to say (Fallon, Mai, Mel, Heather, Bradley, Angie, James, Haley).

Orange Mud has a great line of running related gear and, in my opinion, their new takes on ways to hydration while on the move makes them an innovator in this market. If you aren’t already, you should be following them on social media to see their current line of products!

If you want to give the P.F.V. a try (or any other Orange Mud product), use the code ‘BRPPFV’ at checkout on the Orange Mud website to save 10% on your order.

Also make sure you check out the BibRave Twitter Chat, #BibChat, on Tuesday, July 25th at 8 PM CT where Orange Mud will be the sponsor.


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