Knuckle Lights COLORS Review

Disclaimer: I received Knuckle Lights COLORS to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Are you one of the following: a runner, walker, have kids, have a pet, have a dark garage or shed,  have a dark storage room in your house? If so, then these Knuckle Lights are for you!! I actually have all of the above, which is why I wanted to test the Knuckle Lights COLORS (battery powered hand held running lights). If you are thinking you need a little extra light for really any activity, well how about 120 Lumens at your finger tips! That’s what you get with these Knuckle Lights (they come in a set of two, one for each hand).

Here are some of details on these lights from the Knuckle Lights website:

  • 120 TOTAL LUMENS — The extra bright lights emit a wide flood beam, providing a steady, even light in front of you that does not bounce, even with your arms moving.
  • 2 LIGHTS PER SET — The units connect together magnetically. The soft silicone straps are easily adjusted to fit any size hand and even over gloves. The units are almost unnoticeable at less than 3 ounces each.
  • 3 POWER SETTINGS — High, Low and Blinking.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED   Each unit operates on 1 X AA battery
  • WATERPROOF — The units are fully waterproof and can be used in any type of weather, and will operate in below freezing temperatures down to -20 Celsius.

These Knuckle Lights COLORS are priced at $39.99 and come in 3 different colors. I opted to test the blue version of the Knuckle Lights Colors. In addition to blue, they are also available in pink and black.

After using these lights on multiple runs, and walks, here are my thoughts:

The Fit
The flexible, adjustable, silicone hand strap fits perfectly around my fingers (even when I am wearing gloves). They are very adjustable for all hand types. Once the right size was found, there was no movement from these while running. I typically run with my hands slightly open (not a completely closed fist) and didn’t need to worry at all about these falling off.

Being that the hand loop is adjustable, I was also able to connect one of the lights to the front of my stroller to light the way and keep us safe from night time traffic while taking my kids for a walk. This alone would make me want to buy these lights! There is nothing worse than being out on a walk at night with the family and being worried that oncoming cars wont see you (living in Minnesota, this is basically any time after 4:30 PM in the afternoon during the winter months).

Added light to my stroller!

I had questioned how the back and forth motion of my hands would affect my run and my visibility. After using these a few times, all doubts were put to rest. These lights are so bright that there was never a time where the path in front of me wasn’t lite up while I was running. Being that there is one on each hand, even when one hand is moving backwards, the other hand was moving forwards in front of me to light the path. The first time I used these, as I was making my way though the neighborhood on my way to the trail I wanted to run on, I even adjusted the light to the low setting as I thought they might be too bright if the lights hit any of the houses. Now for the most part I leave them on the high setting just to be safe. When my kids play with them around the house when making forts I make them put them on the low setting in case they are shined in their eyes.

My other concern was just the added weight in each of my hands while running with these lights. Being that the lights are on the outside of your hand and not in your fist, it didn’t bother me to technically be ‘holding’ something while running. As far as the weight itself went, it was very manageable and became unnoticeable after getting a little ways into my run.

If you are an outdoor runner, then this is a must add accessory for running in the dark! You do not want to be left in the dark wondering if you put on enough reflective gear that night or not. Make sure you are seen with Knuckle Lights COLORS!!

I am not the only BibRave Pro who tested these Knuckle Lights Colors, check out what others thought (Katie, Frank, Heather, Vanessa).

Knuckle Lights Social Info:

Looking for a pair of Knuckle Lights Colors for yourself, or to gift to someone over the holidays? Use the code ‘BIBRAVEPRO’ at checkout on the Knuckle Lights website to save 15% on your order!!

Also make sure you check out the BibRave Twitter Chat, #BibChat, on Tuesday, December 5th at 8 PM CT where Knuckle Lights will be the sponsor.

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