Athlinks (2018 BibRave Partner)

Disclaimer: I am promoting Athlinks as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

BibRave has partnered with Athlinks in 2018 to help provide the running community with a great running related online experience (think Bibrave as the place to find and read race reviews and Athlinks as the destination to view, save and share every finish time for every finish line you’ve crossed). Both Bibrave and Athlinks provide a space for you to connect with other runners (followers) to make their platforms socially enjoyable. I have included my take on Athlinks below:

Do you run a lot of races, constantly forget what your PRs are for all distances you have run, love data, or have that competitive edge…then Athlinks is a must add data source for your computer, or phone through their app (iOS or Android).

Athlinks is place where you store all prior race results, enter upcoming races, add followers to see what races they have run, or are planning on running, and see who is faster on the races you have run with any of your followers (if you have run the same race as someone, then Athlinks adds them to your ‘Rivals’ tab to compare against – they are your rival for that race).

I set up my Athlinks account in about 15 minutes

  • It took about 5 minutes to get my profile set up (including downloading their app and scrolling through my phone to find a profile pic!)
  • It took about 10 minutes to get my prior races loaded into my race history
      • Athlinks already has data from so many races in their system and provides a comprehensive list of potential race results that might be me. As I went through the list and found race results that were me, all I had to do was claim those results (click a button) and they were added to my history.
      • I sped up this process by filtering to Minnesota for results that might be mine as the majority of my races have been run in Minnesota. I was actually surprised that some of my lesser known local race results were in their system as well (these were the ones were I was thinking “how am I going to find these results online to upload here?”) – strike that tedious step from the process!!

After setup I went and found people to follow that I knew were on Athlinks. If you are looking to follow someone, feel free to start with me (selfish plug!!) and check out who I am following to aid in starting your list. My list consists of a lot of BibRave Pros who have run a lot of races in the past, and will be running a lot of races in the future. From there I was able to go to the ‘Rivals’ tab and see who ran the same races I have run. On here it shows me a score (i.e. 2-0, 1-3, 4-1, etc.). This score indicates out of all the same races I have run against someone, how many of those races I have done better then them in, and how many they did better then me. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I really cared about this information when I was creating my profile, but once I started looking into it, it is very cool to see these stats. I can click on the score for a rival and it will tell me what races we ran that were the same, along with the actual minutes ahead or behind that person I finished. Rivals beating me…I’m coming for you!!

Beyond that, there is a ‘Statistics’ tab that shows me how many races I have run, how many miles that equates to, and all of my PR’s for all distances I have raced. This means no more trying to find that specific race’s webpage and somehow trying to find the results link, then remembering what year I ran that race in…it is all here for the viewing (a one stop shop)!

If you are looking to see a comprehensive listing of all your race results, then go no further than the ‘Results’ tab. This tab shows each race I have run (and claimed results for), what pace I ran that race in, my total time for that race, and what place overall I finished.

Oh, another great part about Athlinks, you can enter all your upcoming races, and see which of your friends are running that race as well. Think upcoming rival, or the opportunity to plan a destination pre-race shake out run, or post race party with these friends who are going to the same race!

If you are like me and like convenience of having all your running stats in one spot, or if you are just interested to see if we have run any of the same races, sign up for Athlinks and check it out for yourself!

Athlinks Social Presence:


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