Mercury Mile – Review

Disclaimer: I received a Mercury Mile box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Mercury Mile is a company that ships running apparel to people based on their specific styles and desired products. This apparel is shipped in a box that gets sent to you at your requested frequency (one time only, or all of the time, your choice). For an avid runner like myself, this is a great product to get me to try new products and update my running apparel for the changing seasons!

The run down of the Mercury Mile box concept:

  • Fill out a profile on the Mercury Mile website which details specifics of your clothing style (fit, color, types of clothes, etc.)
  • Indicate what day you would like the box to be shipped to you (again, this is not a monthly subscription service. You tell them when you want another box to be shipped)
  • Pay a $20 stylist fee
  • Apparel is mailed to your house
  • Try on the apparel at home
    • Keep what you want
    • Send back what you don’t want within 7 days in the provided shipping bag (no cost to you to ship back)
  • If you end up keeping anything, the $20 stlylist fee is applied to that purchase
  • If you send everything back, you are only out the $20 stylist fee
  • I have heard from other BibRave Pros that liked the product they received, but the fit or color style didn’t work out, and they were able to work with Mercury Mile to get sizes changed, or styles of products changed.

Here is what I got:

  • 1 New Balance tank top
  • 1 Janji tank top
  • 1 Janji Long sleeve shirt
  • 1 pair of Saucony running shorts
  • 1 pair of Asics running shorts
  • 2 pairs of Feetures short running socks

Here is a YouTube video I made that shows each of these products (video link)

Of the items I received, I kept the New Balance tank top, both pairs of running shorts, and both pairs of running socks. The items I didn’t want to keep were put in the provided shipping bag and sent back to the company. Just like that, I have new running gear and didn’t have to leave my house to do it!

Things I like about this service:

  • Convenience – I don’t have to go to a store and hope to find something I might like. I get to try everything on at the convenience of my house
  • New styles/brands I may not have tried without this service
  • No real financial impact (except the $20 stylist fee) If I don’t like the products I try on, and if I don’t want another package, I don’t have to cancel anything because this isn’t a reoccurring monthly subscription.

Other BibRave Pros have tested the Mercury Mile box as well. Feel free to see what they thought (Amy W., Jenn, Jenna, Deanne, Connie, Vanessa, Stephanie).

I really liked getting running apparel in the mail. Since trying my first Mercury Mile box, I have already ordered a second box that was shipped to my house!! As the seasons change, I will continue to look at Mercury Mile as a resource to get new running apparel!

Tank Top, Shorts, Socks

If you want to try Mercury Mile for yourself, then use the code “BibRave10” to get $10 off your stylist fee. I would love to hear from you if you order anything, and let me know what you like incase I want to try and get that for myself!

Here are the social feeds for Mercury Mile to see some samplings of what gets put in the running apparel boxes:



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