I live in Minnesota with my wife and 4 kids. Besides my family, I love to run.

I have run several full marathons and am in double digits for half marathons. Most of these races have been in Minnesota, but my longest venture has been to Vancouver BC for a race. I loved the concept of a vacation with a purpose (traveling to somewhere new with my wife and then running a race while we were there). Looking forward to doing that more often!

I started running after college (in 2005) as a way to stay in shape. The more I ran, the more I liked the physical and mental outcomes of it. Since then I have continued to build upon this, and in 2016 I really picked up my training and social networking in the running community.

Since then I have also really enjoyed testing new to me running products and providing the running community with my thoughts on how those products worked.  

This blog is to share my running progress, race and product reviews, and race and product discounts.

Please email me if you have any questions. Happy Running!


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